Kellsport has been proudly manufacturing high quality heavyweight sweatshirts in the U.S.A. for almost 42 years. All of the material that goes into the construction of a Kellsport sweatshirt is Made in U.S.A. The yarns we use are blended to our specs by yarn spinners that we have had long standing partnerships. Each sweatshirt is cut by hand, and sewn by experienced craftsman. Sweatshirts are the only thing that we have manufactured since the day we started. Kellsport heavyweight sweatshirts are known to be the worldwide standard for the best quality sweatshirts on the planet.

We are an old fashioned textile mill, where quality is our first priority. Kellsport is a small mill by today's standards. However, our products are generally accepted as the best quality of any sweatshirt available in the industry. Our stitching operators have an average of 22 years, sewing Kellsport sweatshirts. Kellsport sewing operators are not paid by the piece. We believe that this ensures that every Kellsport garment is crafted with the same time and skill that is required to maintain our reputation. We still use 100+ year old knitting machinery to produce a heavy, durable fabric that we developed years ago just for Kellsport sweatshirts. All this adds up to the old style New England craftsmanship that is reflected in every heavy sweatshirt crafted by proud Americans in U.S.A.

Kellsport sweatshirts are recognized as the highest quality sweatshirts available in the industry. Kellsport brand sweatshirts are requested by more utility companies throughout the country than any other sweatshirt brand. Construction companies, homebuilders, electrical and plumbing trades, landscapers and tree companies, all prefer Kellsport sweatshirts for their employees and corporate gifts. The Kellsport heavyweight sweatshirt line includes heavyweight hoods, zippers, crewnecks, heavyweight thermal sweatshirts, sweatshirts with kangaroo pockets, and 100% Cotton Sweatshirts, all Made in U.S.A.

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