Proudly manufacturing the finest sweatshirts on the planet for over 45 years.
"Our quality isn't's priceless" ®

Kellsport sweatshirts are recognized as the highest quality available in the industry. Kellsport brand clothing is requested by more utility companies throughout the country than any other brand. Construction companies, home builders, electrical and plumbing trades, landscapers and tree companies, all require serious heavy duty workwear for their employees and corporate gifts. The Kellsport rugged clothing line includes heavyweight hoods, zippers, crewnecks, thermal-lined kangaroo pockets, and 100% Cotton Sweatshirts, all proudly Made in U.S.A.

Sweatshirts proudly crafted in U.S.A. Our sweatshirts will be your favorite for the next 10-15 years. That's a promise .

New Color Safety yellow has been added to all 18 oz. heavyweight sweatshirt styles.

New Wek Short Sleeve Sweatshirt made with 100% cotton has been added to the Wek line.

Kellsport also manufactures the Wek line of cotton clothing. Wek shirts, pants, and shorts are made from 100% cotton twill fabric. People that wear Wek, love Wek. We hear all the time from customers that have had the same Wek clothing piece for 20+ years. It's soft, garment dyed, and wears like iron. The Wek Wekender 2-button long sleeve shirt is the most popular style.

Many Kellsport heavyweight sweatshirts are now available up to size 5XL.

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Several of our sewing machine operators have returned to work and we are again accepting orders for sweatshirts. Shipping is about 2 weeks +/-. If you need a sweatshirt sooner, please email us with the style & size and we will respond back with the colors that may be available for immediate shipment.

If you have previously placed an order before we closed due to the pandemic, we ask you to please place your order again, as any of the billing information is expired. We never charge your credit card until the order is actually shipped.   Thank you.

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